BLOC Podcast Episode 1: Eamonn Powers

Verasana's Instructional Design leader Heidi Kirby has her own podcast where she's discussing trends in organizational culture, instructional design and all things learning. The Building Learning and Organizational Cultures (BLOC) Podcast publishes bi-weekly and is available for free on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and Stitcher.


In this episode, we talk to Eamonn Powers about simulation and virtual reality and how it can be used for training. We also talk a little bit about Star Wars and video games! 

Eamonn is the Learning Experience Architect at FlightSafety International. He specializes in technical training environments, the use of simulation, and emergent technologies like virtual/augmented reality. 

His research interest focus mainly around how data generated performance measures can improve training effectiveness and how the technology and design of video games can be used to design amazing learning experiences.

Eamonn's suggestions for further viewing/reading on VR and simulation:

Eamonn also mentions Unreal Engine a number of times throughout this episode, so I wanted to provide the link to that as well.