What's a White-Label LMS? And Why You Should Consider One

Is a white-label LMS right for you?

Before we get into the benefits of having a white-label LMS, let’s unpack exactly what that means.

White labeling may have become a buzzword lately, but the concept has been around for years. Investotopia defines white labeling, simply, “White label products are sold by retailers with their own branding and logo but the products themselves are manufactured by a third party.” 

In simplest terms, think of a white item. White label means you can make something yours – your branding, your designs, your label on this blank item. The manufacturer makes the items for you but allows you to customize them as your own. This is the same concept when it comes to white labeling software.


Now that we’ve unpacked what a white-label LMS is, let’s talk about the benefits of investing in one for your business.

No Need to Hire a Development Team

Building an LMS for your company will require a full stacked development team. Hours of expertise are needed to design, develop, and test the program before it looks, sounds, and feels like an LMS. White labeling is all about offering the software to the end-users without having to spend time and money on developing them in-house. In fact, one benefit of white labeling an existing and reputable LMS is it can be a lower cost because you don’t need to hire a big team of developers and UX specialists.

It’s Fully Customizable

Your LMS should be an extension of your business and should look and feel that way. With a white-label LMS, you are able to add your branding, your colors, your logo, and importantly, a customized domain. White-labeling allows you to use your company website domain to customize the URL completely.

With your business’s branding and a custom URL, it creates an identifiable environment for your users and strengthens your brand identity. This is something that should be on your list of priorities for your LMS. Simply put, it takes the vendor out of the picture.

Fully-Customizable Reporting

In order to improve your courses and training, you need to understand the areas of improvement. Big data can be overwhelming and you may need to hire an additional resource to just interpret it. With a white-label LMS, you can get the important data in an easy-to-read format or dashboard. This allows you to focus on online training initiatives that matter most to your organization. 

Verasana is equipped with reports and analytics, such as training performance among employees and progress tracking. Scaling your employee’s training with our LMS is seamless for easy to interpret results. 

There are many benefits of choosing a white-label LMS. From streamlined development to customizability, the benefits of white labeling are hard to ignore. It’s your brand, your training, your employees, your LMS that should feel like an extension of your company.

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